Can Ryan Goins Earn 2014 Toronto Blue Jays Second Base Job?

By Thom Tsang
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Given the incumbent performance across all Toronto Blue Jays second baseman, I think you could say that one wouldn’t have to do much to take the job these days.

Still, Ryan Goins understands the importance of a first impression, and he’s going his fair share of that to make sure that the team knows his name if/when GM Alex Anthopoulos goes ahead and retools the roster in the offseason.

How? Well, by using his bat, of course.

Since arriving in the bigs, all the 25-year-old has done is hit — literally. In fact, there isn’t a game that he’s appeared in where he hasn’t notched at least a hit yet. With two of his seven days of work being multi-hit performances, the rookie has put together a strong .400/.419/.467 line with seven runs scored, a stretch of offensive production that has been virtually unseen at that position for the Blue Jays in 2013.

Oh yeah, and at 0.7 fielding runs above average already, the glove isn’t too shabby either.

No folks — this ain’t your Maicer Izturis or Emilio Bonifacio here. Though he’s definitely already arguably done more than what both of those players, whether or not it’d be enough for the Blue Jays to simply hand him the job in 2014 is still questionable.

After all, the team has already learned not to simply rest of its laurels when it comes to fixing holes in the lineup … or so fans hope, anyway.

The biggest factor going against Goins, somewhat ironically, is the fact that he’s really not struggled thus far. It should go without saying that he’s not going to be hitting .400-plus all season, and while his hot streak to start his time in the majors is impression, it’s also not indicative of the large-sample performance the Blue Jays can expect from him going forward.

And though he has shown a significant improvement from his 20.3 percent triple-A strikeout rate, you’d have to think that the 11.1 percent now is only going to trend upwards, and his 3.7 percent walk rate is going to spell trouble when that .478 BABIP comes back to earth.

In short, the Blue Jays are still waiting for the real Goins to show up.

Until he does and the team gets a chance to see how the youngster will react to the adversity, I’d image that no matter how much he hits through the rest of the 2013 season, that the second base job is far from guaranteed.

I mean, the team has already seen a similar story with Brett Lawrie once before, and that up-and-down roller coaster isn’t necessarily a ride they’ll want to be on next year.

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