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5 Reasons Jamie Moyer Would be Perfect Pitching Coach for the Philadelphia Phillies

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5 Reasons Why Phils Should Pursue Jamie Moyer

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Now that the Philadelphia Phillies have removed Charlie Manuel from the picture and replaced him with Ryne Sandberg, the “interim” and probably soon-to-be permanent manager of the team can start thinking about his 2014 staff.

Pitching coach Rich Dubee should not be on the list for a number of reasons, chief among them that Sandberg has no prior relationship with Dubee and therefore there is no significant comfort level on the part of either party. Dubee has a long relationship with Charlie Manuel that dated before his days with the Phillies. Now that Manuel is gone, it would be awkward for Dubee to stay.

Another is the grumbling among ex-Phils’ pitchers like Mitch Williams and Scott Mathieson and current Phils’ prospect Philippe Aumont. Williams and Mathieson have gone on record saying the current pitchers don’t trust Dubee to coach them and Aumont said he was “told one thing by Dubee” and another by the team’s pitching coaches in the minor leagues on his frequent shuttles between Philadelphia and Reading.

Dubee is known for a gruff exterior, and that often does not translate to helping younger pitchers develop. It works on veterans, but pitchers just coming up through the system often can use a teaching-oriented approach. Dubee's contract also expires following the season and one would think there are a number of guys out there who Sandberg would feel more comfortable working with the pitchers.

A big possibility is Sandberg's former Chicago Cubs teammate Jamie Moyer and here are five reasons why Moyer would be a perfect replacement for Dubee.

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5. He Already Has the Respect of the Staff

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Moyer was with the Phils between 2006 and 2010, and when the Phils' pitchers were congregating in the outfield before games, pitchers like Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels could regularly be seen around Moyer, who was holding a baseball and explaining something to the three, often using arm motions and showing them how to grip the ball. If that's not respect, I don't know what is. Moyer was 16-7 in 2008 as a 47-year-old for the Phils. Rich Dubee watched that scene from the dugout on many occasions.

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4. Will Teach Roy Halladay How to Win With an 87 MPH Fastball

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Moyer won 269 games in the majors with a fastball that never went above 87 MPH. Roy Halladay has been struggling learning how to adjust from an overpowering pitcher to a finesse pitcher. If anyone can teach Halladay to win that way, it's Moyer.

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3. He's Already a Hometown Hero Like The Phanatic

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Moyer is a local hero in Philadelphia, having pitched at suburban Souderton High School and St. Joseph's University in the city. When he came back to pitch for the Phillies, he immediately became one of the most popular players on the team. The move would be greeted with enthusiasm by a currently disgruntled fan base.

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2. He's Not Rich Dubee

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Moyer is an easy-going personality and not a gruff one like Dubee. That kind of style is likely to be welcomed by the Phillies' young bullpen pitchers, who have good arms, but have not flourished under the current pitching coach.

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1. Will Work Well With Old Teammate Sandberg

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While Dubee is an old buddy of ex-Phils' manager Charlie Manuel, he's no friend of Sandberg. Moyer, who played with Sandberg in Chicago, is good friends with him and the synergy between them can only benefit the team going forward.

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