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5 Reasons The Philadelphia Phillies Are Not a 2013 Playoff Team

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Philadelphia Phillies: 5 Reasons Why There Won't Be a Playoff Appearance

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The Philadelphia Phillies have disappointed the fans of Philadelphia for the second year in a row. They are not playoff contenders and will again have an early offseason. The fans are ready for a playoff run.

The Phillies were National League East Champions five times in a row from 2007 until 2011. This season, they are 21.5 games behind the Atlanta Braves in the division. The Phillies are currently in third place. Something the fans have not been used to seeing.

Everyone remembers the 2008 World Series and the parade down Broad Street. Baseball fans of Philadelphia want that to happen again.

Why is it not happening this year? There are many reasons from the team not playing consistently to teams in the division playing stronger, etc. There are actually just too many to count.

It was difficult being a Phillies fan this season. It was probably difficult being a player as well. Everyone is most likely counting down the days until the 2014 season where the slate is clean. The Phillies will hopefully be able to clear their heads, enhance their lineup and be playoff contenders next season.

There are only 24 games left to play. Less than a month until we can get out of this miserable season. Unfortunately, we have to sit through the playoffs wishing it was the Phillies.

The team will hopefully learn from their mistakes this season and come back improved and determined. In my opinion, there are five specific reasons that they did not make the post season this year. What are they? Read on.

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5. Injuries

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Many of the starting lineup had injuries this season. Ben Revere was just finding his offense when he broke his ankle and landed on the disabled list for the second half of the season. Ryan Howard, who is supposed to be the key piece to the offense, suffered a knee injury. The offense are not the only ones who have landed on the DL as most of the starting pitching has been there as well. Roy Halladay, John Lannan, Jonathan Pettibone and a lot of the bullpen have made an appearance on the DL

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4. Front Office

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Fans had mixed opinions of the firing Charlie Manuel. Many were upset and thought he should have finished the season. Others believed that the time was right and the Phillies needed change. In my opinion, it was not Manuel’s fault that the Phillies could not play well this season. It was the others in the front office. They did not make smart moves when it came to improving the lineup. They focused on the wrong positions and waited too long to get what was needed. It was not Manuel’s fault. He did what he could with what he had.

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3. The Bullpen

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The Bullpen has been filled with rookies early this season due to injuries, the biggest being setup guy Mike Adams. They seemed to be filled with all kinds of nerves. Anytime someone came in, something bad would happen. It was nerve-wracking to watch. It was difficult for them to hold on to leads or keep games close. If the pitchers were able to find their comfort zone in the beginning maybe more games would have been won.

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2. The Offense

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The Phillies have not had much offense this season. There are only a few players that have been outstanding RBI contributors. They have not been able to give their starting pitchers much of a lead to work off of. Cole Hamels had been providing runs for himself by hitting RBI to make sure he has a lead. A lot of runs usually equals a lot of wins.

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1. Heart and Dedication

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The Phillies seemed to not play with much heart this season. When they were on their losing streaks, they just did not seem as if they cared if they won another game the rest of the way. Before the All-Star break, it seemed as if they could have a chance at making the playoffs. After the break, everything went downhill and the team couldn’t seem bring themselves out of the hole. Each game made it seem like it was Groundhogs Day; the same thing kept happening over and over again. No one seemed to want to get back on the right track. In 2014, the Phillies will hopefully bring plenty of heart to the stadium every day