Bryce Harper Won't Gain Any Fans With Latest Comments, But Apparently, He Could Care Less

By Andrew Fisher
Bryce Harper
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Bryce Harper has made quite the splash during his first two years in MLB. He gained national attention during his rookie season by uttering the phrase ‘that’s a clown question, bro.’ Now, the Washington Nationals‘ outfielder has again made headlines with these comments on the constant media speculation surrounding him:

“I could care less what people think. Screw what people think. Everybody talks about us all year long saying we’re not going to make this or do that. I could care less what they think. It’s all what we think. I could really care less what the media thinks or anybody else.”

So apparently asking him what he thinks about media speculation, is not a clown question…

All kidding aside, conversely, I could care less about what Harper’s feelings towards the media are. We’re all just trying to do our jobs. His is to play baseball and entertain fans, mine is to write about it. But when players choose to drop quotes like the one Harper just did, of course writers are going to jump all over it. I’m sure there’s some other writer ripping into the young slugger at this very moment. That’s what makes sports great – every has an opinion.

I love Harper’s candidness, but many people won’t. He’s not going to gain any fans saying things like ‘screw what people think,’ but obviously that doesn’t matter to him. That’s fine, because when you get right down to it, the guy’s job is simply to play baseball. If you’re putting a lot of stock into what professional athletes say, that’s your problem.


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