Detroit Tigers' Offense Staler Than Your Mom's Spaghetti

By Brent Smith
Noah K. Murray- USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Tigers have 28 hits in the last three games; pretty great, right? Averaging over nine hits a game would not lead you to the conclusion that the Tigers offense is struggling, correct?

The problem with those stats is that those 28 hits have contributed to just four runs in those three games, which is something that should go down in The Guinness Book of World Records for futility. How can that many base runners be spread around with so few touching home plate? Is there an allergy to home plate that the Tigers have now acquired? Is there heavy swarms of bees around the turn at third? Has the Bermuda triangle been moved to the area between home plate and the dugout?

Even Miguel Cabrera stranded runners tonight, which must lead to the conclusion that something supernatural is occurring. OK, the answer is probably non-supernatural, but something has to explain the disconnect between hits and runs the last three days.

The Tigers usually pride themselves on being one of the better teams with runners in scoring position, but have recently run into a confusing rut in those situations. A rut that is sabotaging a chance at bigger opportunities for the Tigers. No one is going to completely panic over three days of results, but the problems from the last three days need to be squared away quickly before the Tigers lose any chance at home-field advantage.

Tonight was a game they should have been won, and instead, they now find themselves 1.5 games back of the Boston Red Sox for best record in the American League. If the Tigers end up having to head to Boston in October, they may want to look back at tonight to see why.

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