Ethan Martin Not An Answer For Philadelphia Phillies

By davidabel
Ethan Martin Philadelphia Phillies
Howard Smith-USATodaySports

Ethan Martin lasted just four innings Tuesday night against the Washington Nationals, meaning the young Philadelphia Phillies‘ starter has gone four innings or less in three of his six starts.

In the course of those six starts, Martin has gone 25.1 innings, allowing 29 hits, 18 runs (all earned) and seven home runs. He has also given up a minimum of two runs in all but one of those starts.

The numbers from Martin are far from promising, as the Phillies rookie has had trouble with his control and getting hitters out on a consistent basis. With the likes of Tyler Cloyd, Jon Pettibone and the signing of Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez, Martin needs to shape up or ultimately get shipped out.

Looking at the rotation as is and the possible rotation for the future, I think Martin’s early inability to execute forces the Phillies to sign such guys as Roy Halladay and Kyle Kendrick. If for some reason those guys are not signed, that may open the door for Martin to get another opportunity in the bigs, forcing the rest of the Phillies to play at a much higher level due to his inability to get outs.

As of next year, I see the rotation as this: Cole Hamels, Cliff Lee, Halladay, Kendrick and either Gonzalez or Pettibone. Notice neither of those fifth-starter possibilities include Martin. The fact that Pettibone has shown the ability to pitch well and efficiently is promising. As for Halladay, though a question mark, he has the resume alone to get re-signed and if he is even at 80 percent of what he once was, that is still good enough for this rotation.

Now we shouldn’t give up hope on Martin just yet. He is still young (24 years of age) with a 6-foot-2 frame and a fastball that reaches 92-94 mph. His resiliency is a plus and the fact he goes out and battles on a nightly basis does bode him well, however, at this point in his career, he is just not ready. A long reliver-type position may be his best option, but as for now, he is not the answer for the future for this Phillies ball club.

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