Should Milwaukee Brewers’ Carlos Gomez Take More Days Off?

By Michael Terrill
Should Milwaukee Brewers’ Carlos Gomez Take More Days Off
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Even though center fielder Carlos Gomez is back in the lineup for Tuesday’s contest against the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Milwaukee Brewers must seriously consider resting him more. Taking the day off on Labor Day was certainly a good start.

The Brewers are out of the running for a postseason berth and are only playing spoilers within in the National League Central division at this point. However, with Gomez dealing with injuries over the past couple weeks the organization must consider resting him so that he does not suffer anything severe.

“He’s kind of like [shortstop Jean Segura], he’s a little beat up,” manager Ron Roenicke said, according to “Most of these guys are. None of them are enough to keep him out of the lineup, but to just keep putting him out there when he’s worn down, he suggested that he needed a day.”

Gomez requested to sit out Monday’s game because he is still feeling pain in his right knee. He is limping around a little bit and he is not able to give the team 100 percent when he is on the field. Even though Gomez not at full strength is still better than several other players that would play the position, the Brewers have to be cautious how they use one of their star players.

Gomez suffered the injury that is still giving him problems during a play that fans have grown accustomed to seeing. He ran back with lightning speed and made a spectacular catch at the center field wall in the eighth inning against the Cincinnati Reds on Aug. 15. Unfortunately, he fell awkwardly after crashing into the fence and clutched his right side immediately.

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