Was Trading Michael Young Worth It for Philadelphia Phillies?

By Rebekah Milsted
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Phillies kept third baseman Michael Young longer than expected. It seemed as if he was going to be gone at the trade deadline, but instead he stuck it out with the team for another month and a half before being traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers this past weekend. He was a great asset for the team and it would have been great it he stuck it out for another season.

Young is going to be 37 next season. He is getting up there in age, but his talent has not gone anywhere. He can play third base along with first, which helped the Phillies with Ryan Howard’s injury this season. It also could help the next season if Howard continues to not produce the way they want. Young cannot only play the field, but he was a primary source of the Phillies’ offense this season.

Young had an average of .276 which was second to Carlos Ruiz in the current starting lineup. In 126 games he had 129 hits, with 36 of those hits going for more than a single. Young produced 42 RBI which was third in the Phillies current starting lineup. He came through in clutch situations and had three walk-off hits this season for the Phillies.

In my opinion the Phillies should have kept Young. The Phillies may be looking to rebuild next season, but he is a good bat to have in the lineup. Cody Asche is a good third baseman defensively, but he has not found his comfort zone at the plate yet. Darin Ruf will most likely play outfield next season, and if Howard gets injured again, Young would have been that best option at first because he has the glove and bat.

Young had a great season with the Phillies. He will be missed, and hopefully next season they do not regret the decision of trading him.

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