Jacoby Ellsbury’s Sore Thumb Could be Problem for Boston Red Sox

By Michael Terrill
Jacoby Ellsbury’s Sore Thumb Could be Problem for Boston Red Sox
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Boston Red Sox center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury has been dealing with a sore thumb since he was jammed by a pitch in Sunday’s contest against the Chicago White Sox. The injury became overwhelming after Monday’s loss to the Detroit Tigers, which forced him to sit out Tuesday’s contest. At this point, the Red Sox are hoping that Ellsbury’s thumb will not be a problem for the team down the stretch.

The left-handed batter has been one of the hottest hitters at the plate for Boston for quite some time. Since June, he has batted .322 in 324 at-bats. That month, he posted a .360 batting average with nine RBI and a whopping 11 stolen bases. Since then, he has not batted below .298 over the span of an entire month.

Needless to say, Boston would be in serious trouble if Ellsbury’s sore thumb turned into something much more serious. The good news right now is that it is an injury that is not outside of the norm. With that being said, the Red Sox believe it is something that he will have to deal with for the remainder of the year.

“Everyday players at this time of the year are going to be dealing with certain things,” manager John Farrell said, according to RedSox.com. “His happens to be in his left hand.”

With Boston having a commanding five and a half game lead in the American League East division with 22 to play, the concern is not so much the regular season as it is the playoffs. The Red Sox could give Ellsbury as much rest as he needs over the next few weeks to ensure that he is healthy for the postseason. However, the last thing the team wants is to allow him to fall out of his offensive groove.

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