Joe Girardi Speaks for All New York Yankees Fans By Asking Mariano Rivera To Stay

By Andrew Fisher
Mariano Rivera
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

We all saw this coming, right? The New York Yankees are already having separation anxiety from Mariano Rivera. You can’t really blame them, after all, the greatest closer in the history of baseball is getting ready to retire from their team. Rivera of course notched his 40th save of the season on Tuesday night, which then prompted manager Joe Girardi to make this comment following the game:

“I don’t see any reason why he couldn’t do it next year, I don’t. He’s made it pretty clear that he doesn’t want to (return), but I always say, you know, January rolls around and sometimes you have a different feel about what you want to do.”

I think what the Yankees’ skipper is trying to say is – please, Mariano, please come back!

Undoubtedly, anyone who’s not a fan of the Yankees is hoping that Mo will stick to his plans to retire at season’s end. Opposing teams have to be tired as heck of the future hall-of-famer coming in and closing the door on them in the ninth inning. But the good news for them is that Rivera doesn’t sound at all like a guy who’s going to pull a Favre.

Personally, I can’t stand when players unretire. Mostly it’s because that the send-offs and goodbyes they receive, become worthless. If Mo did change his mind, it would make that legendary moment in this year’s All-Star game all for nothing. As a baseball fan, I hate to see him go, but there’s something to be said for guys going out on top.


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