Philadelphia Phillies: Will Domonic Brown’s Injury Set Him Back For 2014?

By Rebekah Milsted
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Phillies gave Domonic Brown the opportunity to be the team’s everyday left fielder this season. He had the talent and defense for the job. Lately, Brown has not been starting because of a sore Achilles. Will this affect his 2014 season?

In May and June, Brown showed why he deserved to be the everyday left fielder. In May, Brown hit .303. He had 25 RBI and 12 home runs. In June, Brown hit .278. He had 21 RBI. His offense led him to get voted into the All-Star game. He has been one of the few players this season who contributed to putting the bat on the ball.

Brown left the game on Friday in Chicago during the sixth inning. It had already been previously sore. He has been pinch hitting instead of playing all nine innings.

Brown had an MRI this week. It showed nothing serious. It showed that he had mild tendonitis and that he is clear to play. Although clear to play he has yet to be in the starting lineup.

Ryne Sandberg, in my opinion, is making a good decision in resting Brown. The Phillies are not making a playoff push therefore he should take it easy. Tendonitis takes time to heal. It sometimes can come back which makes it question if he will be healthy for next season.

Chase Utley has tendonitis in his knees and it has kept it out of plenty of games. The tendonitis that Brown has now is just mild. If he keeps playing it could become worse. He just has to monitor his playing and not agitate his leg too much.

It is almost the end of the season. It would be a shame if Brown ruins the future with an injury that could have been prevented.

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