David Ortiz Continues to Make Case for Hall of Fame With 2,000-Hit Milestone

By Andrew Fisher
David Ortiz
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It was simply a banner night for the David Ortiz and the Boston Red Sox Wednesday night. The team belted out eight home runs, including two bombs from Big Papi. Ortiz also stroked a double, which notched him his 2,000th career hit. Now of course, the 2,000-hit club is not near as elite as the 3,000-hit club, but it’s still a very notable milestone. So with the 2k mark now behind him and 500 home runs still a possibility – is Ortiz now a lock for the Hall of Fame once he hangs up his cleats?

By the numbers, Ortiz is undoubtedly one of the greatest designated hitters to ever play the game. With 427 home runs and 1,415 RBI under his belt, Papi stacks up against the best to ever play the position. But some people will still point out his alleged PED use.

This alleged use is the only thing standing between Ortiz in the HOF at this point. But the reality is that the DH has never technically failed a drug test administered by MLB. In 2009 a report surfaced naming Ortiz as a player who tested positive for PEDs in 2003 on a list compiled by the federal government. However, it doesn’t specifically state what the slugger tested positive for. Papi had denied ever using steroids, but has admitted that the supplements he was taking back in 2003, could have led to the positive test. Given that MLB has constantly been changing what supplements on its banned list, it’s entirely possible that Ortiz has never knowingly taken a banned substance.

Other than that, there’s really nothing that’s holding David Ortiz out of the HOF. I don’t believe this supposed positive test is enough to deny him. He’s never failed one since and his resume is nearly as good as any DH to ever be eligible for the hall.


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