Philadelphia Phillies Should Not Bring Back Roy Halladay

By David Miller
Roy Halladay
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

There is a big debate going on right now around the Philadelphia Phillies. They have a couple of solid choices for their 2014 starting rotation in Cole Hamels and Cliff Lee but that is where it stops. They have three more spots to fill and really no solid choice for any of those three places. The biggest debate surrounds Roy Halladay and what they should do with the veteran hurler. Some say he should be signed by the Phillies and some say he should not be. The best choice for the Phillies would be to let Halladay go.

He has been great over a period of time for the Phillies. He was in Cy-Young award voting for many years and was instrumental during their numerous runs towards a World Series title. The fact is he is older and he is not as effective as he was then. He might not be over the hill but he is close enough to over the hill that a team rebuilding like the Phillies are do not need to spend a rotation spot on him.

Halladay isn’t what he once was but he will still command a higher salary than one of the Phillies good young pitching prospects which should be given a chance in a rebuild. The choice should be perfectly clear for this franchise and Halladay. The good times were great and the bad times weren’t terrible. It’s been fun; but it’s over. They should tell him goodbye and good luck in his future endeavors and move on to a younger starting staff.

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