Detroit Tigers Must Step Up Their Game

By Brent Smith
Greg M. Cooper- USA TODAY Sports

As September has rolled in, the Detroit Tigers have began to falter, losing three of the four games they have played in the month and owning a 4-6 record in their last 10 games.

It’s a troubling number, especially when mixed in with the recent injuries that have begun occurring, including ones to superstar Miguel Cabrera and their flashy shortstop Jose Iglesias. It has given hope to the Cleveland Indians and if things don’t turn around soon, it may just give hope to the team they will be facing this weekend in the Kansas City Royals.

Luckily for the Tigers, they have a nice lead to let little injuries and slumps not damage their playoff potential too badly, and it will still take an asteroid hitting Comerica Park before any other team realistically steals this AL Central away from them.

But each day, the odds of the Tigers getting to be at home for the postseason slips further and further away; the closer the division gets, the less opportunity there is to rest players like Cabrera for longer stretches than just a day or two. There is no reason the Tigers shouldn’t be at a level where they could be playing me as the pitcher every night for two weeks and still be in a commanding divisional lead.

There is no reason the Royals should have any dream of catching them, or the Indians for that matter. But they do, and it’s because the Tigers can’t seem to get out of their own way lately.

Everyone knows this is not a flawless team, and those flaws seem to always glare out during the regular season for the Tigers. Perhaps no other team in professional sports gets punished more for its tiny weaknesses than the Tigers. Now is the time a team should begin jelling and reaching its peak potential heading into October, but it seems the Tigers continue to be bogged down after reaching its peak over a month ago.

It’s time to step their game up to show the rest of the league why they should be considered a threat come October. Hopefully that time starts now.

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