Has Roy Halladay Done Enough To Remain With Philadelphia Phillies?

By davidabel
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, the Philadelphia Phillies ended their series with the Washington Nationals with a 3-2 defeat. As we’ve seen many times before this season, the bullpen full of misfits blew the lead after the starter has left. In last night’s case, that starter was Roy Halladay, who is under the gun more than ever and fighting for his Phillies and possibly MLB career.

Overall, Halladay threw six inning of one-run ball on three hits, five walks, and five strikeouts on 99 total pitches thrown.

Looking at that line shows some promise and warning signs at the same time. The fact Halladay only allowed a run on three hits is a huge positive. Follow that up with only 99 pitches, shows that Halladay should be able to reach later innings with better control. Also, the fact Halladay got out of two bases-loaded jams and pitched through adversity is huge not for only him, but the team as well.

The negatives obviously are the five walks he had, his inability to control his pitches at all and as we’ve seen, his diminished velocity on his fastball.

All in all, I think Halladay has gotten better in every start since returning from the DL. If he can end this month with some more quality starts, I think he has the possibility of returning to the Philadelphia rotation. Granted, Doc isn’t what he once was, but he is still Doc and his resume, teamed with his potential rehabilitation success, should give Ruben Amaro Jr. something to think about.

Now if only the bullpen can close games out …

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