Minnesota Twins: Joe Mauer’s Concussion Could Lead to Less Time Playing Catcher

By Michael Terrill
Minnesota Twins Joe Mauer’s Concussion Could Lead to Less Time Playing Catcher
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Why is Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer’s concussion a big deal? For one, it is still unknown exactly when the 30-year-old will return to the active roster. More importantly, the concussion could directly lead to Mauer playing less time behind home plate. Obviously, this is very troubling for an organization that paid the left-handed batter the most money in history to play catcher.

As of right now, the Twins are downplaying the possibility of Mauer catching less. They are also optimistic that he will be able to return to playing status soon after he looked good in live batting practice earlier this week.

“We’ll just kind of play it by ear,” manager Ron Gardenhire said, according to MinnesotaTwins.com. “I know Joe likes to catch. That’s what he’s been his whole life. We’ll just have to wait and get him back on the field.”

There is no question the guys sitting in the management suites every game are more concerned than Gardenhire sounds. The organization understands they have a potential problem on their hands, but there really is no reason to get bent out of shape in the public eye without knowing exactly what they facing.

When (if) Mauer returns this season, Gardenhire will test him behind home plate to see how it feels. Obviously, there might be some jitters after he took a 95 mph baseball to the facemask the last time he was on the field. However, Mauer is a veteran and a professional, which means it will not take long for him to get back into the swing of things.

At this point, all Mauer cares about is making the position safer after there have been several serious injuries for catchers all around the league over the past few years. Everything else he will take in stride until the Twins decide what his future will be suiting up as a catcher.

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