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Philadelphia Phillies: 5 Players Who Shouldn’t Be Back

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Philadelphia Phillies: 5 Players Who Shouldn't Be Back

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The 2012-13 Philadelphia Phillies seasons have been quite the roller coaster ride. Both seasons, the teams have had high hopes and expectations. As of June 2012, the Phillies were already out of contention (essentially) and this season the Phillies had a shot, albeit a long one, up until July. In either situation, the Phillies fan base is beyond tired of losing and is expecting big things from players heading into next year. The question is, which players will still be around for the 2014 season?

With all of the Phillies options spent, the next few seasons could literally make or break the franchise for the worse. That being said, the Phils have to make some decisions in the front office about which players should stay in the organization and what players they should part ways with. With the youth movement coming (i.e. Brown, Ruf, Asche, Pettibone, Cloyd, Diekman, etc.) the Phillies have some decisions to make, especially with their older, veteran players. Thus, why keep older, average ability talent when the guys coming up are the teams’ future?

All in all, most fans are torn on old favorites such as Roy Halladay or even Carlos Ruiz, while other players are unanimously rooted against to get out of town. As General Manager Ruben Amaro Jr. sits with his executives and coaches, it’d be smart to let go of a handful of guys. In this slideshow, we will examine which five players the Philadelphia Phillies should release and, or get rid of.

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5. Kyle Kendrick

Kyle Kendrick
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To be honest, earlier this season, I was beginning to change my outlook on Kyle Kendrick. He started out hot, including a complete game shut out of the Mets in April, followed by three straight games of seven innings or more. The honeymoon was short lived, however, as Kendrick came back down to reality. Since a win versus Miami in June, Kendrick is 4-9 and his ERA has steadily risen as the season as worn on. A versatile veteran, Kendrick can be placed in the 'pen or rotation. That being said, however, doesn't do him enough. Between his age, playing ability and the money he is due, I think the Phillies are best off going with one of their young arms.

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4. Michael Martinez

Michael Martinez
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How in the world is Michael Martinez still in this organization? In three seasons, including an 88-game stint two back, Martinez has never hit higher than .200, has never hit for power and hasn't stolen any bases. I wouldn't bat him in a beer softball league. Now that Charlie Manuel is gone, I see Martinez following suit, especially considering it was Manuel who always put him in.

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3. Carlos Ruiz

Carlos Ruiz
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Most notably known as "Chooch," Carlos Ruiz has definitely become a Phillies fan favorite. That being said, Ruiz is currently 34 years old and not getting younger. This season especially, injuries have plagued him and, or he is regularly nicked up. Though he is still batting .280 through 279 plate appearances, his power numbers are down (HR,2B) and his niche of clutch hitting has fallen to the way side. Add that to the fact his RBI numbers will probably be at a career low since becoming a starter, I don't see many positives for keeping him around. An intelligent, veteran player, yes. Other than that, I am unsure.

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2. Antonio Bastardo

Antonio Bastardo
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After a fantastic 2011 season, Antonio Bastardo has seemingly fallen off the success bandwagon. In 2012, he finished with a 2-5 record, allowing 25 in only 52 innings of work. Add that to the fact his ERA was 4.33 and his control was non-existent, this year wasn't promised. Then, entering this year, Bastardo was able to have a winning record with an ERA of 2.32. Good numbers, right? Well, maybe not so much. Bastardo is now serving a 50-game suspension for PEDs. Between that blemish on his resume and the fact he walks nearly a batter every half inning, I can't see the Phillies keeping this guy around, left-handed "specialist" or not.

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1. John Lannan

John Lannan
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I'm not going to lie, I was all for keeping John Lannan in this Phillies rotation, but after looking at some numbers, I quickly changed my mind. Lannan was 3-6 this year, bringing his career record to a lowly 45-58. His ERA was over 5.00, we walked almost as many batters as he struck out, and he's battled injuries all season long. With the back log of pitchers available for the starting rotation, I can see the Phillies letting this guy go.