Beards of the Boston Red Sox Putting a Hurting on Clean-Shaven New York Yankees

By Adam Fischer
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe the New York Yankees should start growing beards. The scruffy clan that the Boston Red Sox have on their team are tearing the Yanks a new one in this series so far.

Last night, when the Yanks seemed to have the game in hand, Mike Napoli, with his grungy beard, hit a grand slam to tie the game at eight. He also hit a two-run homer today in the second inning. His battery-beard-mate Jonny Gomes hit a three-run bomb as well today.

The Red Sox have an inordinate amount of facial hair collectively as a team. They look like they all put glue on their faces and went head first into a pile of a salon’s hair clippings. Dustin Pedroia is scruffy, David Ortiz has perfectly shaped whiskers, backup catcher David Ross is the team’s gray beard and even usually clean-shaven Shane Victorino has began growing some facial hair since becoming a resident of Massachusetts.

But, they have out-gritted the Yanks who have a team policy to not grow beards. It’s a tradition to be facial hair free once you put on the pinstripes and it has worked in the past. But this year is different, the Sox have battled harder than the Yanks in what has been a great series so far, except for the win-loss column for people in New York. I’m not saying to change the Yankees policy with stubble, but just noting that the very hairy team from Boston have been putting a hurt on the clean-faced team in the Bronx.

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