John Mayberry Jr. Is Not Doing Any Good For Philadelphia Phillies

By Rebekah Milsted
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Phillies had a tough competition for their outfield this season. John Mayberry Jr. originally did not make the cut for the everyday job. He got the job with the injuries that occurred throughout the year.

Mayberry is not doing anything too productive. His average is .227, which is 15th in the lineup.  He has 38 RBIs and 10 home runs. He was more productive in 2012. Last season, he had an average of .245. He contributed 46 RBIs and 14 home runs. Mayberry had an even better average in 2011. He played 104 games and hit .273. He had 49 RBIs and 15 home runs.

Why has Mayberry’s offense decreased?

Mayberry is going to be 30 in December. His skills should be developing, not declining. Maybe it is because he doesn’t get a lot of at-bats? Whatever it is, he is not helping the Phillies. This team needs players who are going to be productive.

In the last 10 games that Mayberry has played, his average is .094. That is embarrassing. In these games, he has only three hits and one RBI. He managed to strike out seven times. That is no way to help the Phillies win games.

The Phillies need to think during the offseason what they want to do with Mayberry. The best thing to do would see what they could get for him. It may not be much because he doesn’t bring a lot to the table, but someone may need an outfielder. Mayberry has been with the Phillies since 2009. It seems like his time may be up.

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