Philadelphia Phillies Keeping Cliff Lee Seems Smarter All the Time

By David Miller
Cliff Lee Philadelphia Phillies
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Both trade deadlines have come and gone and the Philadelphia Phillies didn’t do much towards their half-rebuild for next season. I’m not sure how they plan to perform a lot better with much the same roster but one thing they have not done has been a good choice for sure. Each and every time out Cliff Lee proves once again that he is still a pitcher that a MLB starting staff can be built around. He is more experienced and more consistent than Cole Hamels so it is a great choice not to send him away.

I don’t know that his team will back him up very well but perhaps with another season of mediocrity, the Phillies will finally get the small reboot they need to compete. Regardless of the position players, Lee is a good way to start a MLB level rotation. They should bring in some young guys and maybe another veteran if there is a good one on the free agent market this winter, but Lee is just right at the top.

Does he have a team-friendly contract? He absolutely does not. Does it cause a few problems that the Phillies give too much money to too few players and have little left to fund the rest of the team? Yes, it sure does. I do not like the way this franchise has been handled and I still believe that they have crippled themselves for next year already by their inactivity this season. Lee, at least, was a good non-move for them however. Who knows, maybe he’ll win 30 games for them next year and help them compete.

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