Should Arizona Diamondbacks Get Ready To Shut Down Patrick Corbin?

By Randy Holt
Patrick Corbin
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

After a positive start to the year, the 2013 season hasn’t exactly progressed as the Arizona Diamondbacks would have liked. A variety of factors, mainly injury, have led to their downfall since the midway point of the year, and they now find themselves unofficially out of the playoff hunt.

Which is why they may want to consider shutting down Patrick Corbin.

Corbin has been one of the best stories in all of baseball this season. He’s faltered recently, but spent a good majority of the campaign among the notable names as Cy Young contenders in the National League. As the season wears on, though, shutting him down at this point might be the right move for the D-Backs.

After Corbin’s last start of July, his ERA was down at 2.24, an extremely impressive figure, especially for a guy logging his first serious time at the big league level. After the month of August and a pair of September starts, he’s up to 2.97, still a solid figure, but shows how the last two months have been a bit more of a struggle for him.

The fact that Corbin hasn’t been on his game is certainly related to the fact that he’s logged more innings than he has at any point during his professional career. His arm speed has slowed down in the last several weeks, as has his command. The Diamondbacks have reportedly toyed around with the idea of adding a sixth starter to the mix.

However, shutting him down is probably the best move. The Diamondbacks aren’t going to win a title this season. They’re all but out of the race at this point, even with a few weeks still left in the year. Having already eclipsed his innings total from last year, get him some rest and shut him down for the remainder of the 2013 season.

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