Bruce Bochy Will Ease Up On Starters, Why Not On Buster Posey?

By Ron Gleeson
Bruce Bochy, Buster Posey

Manager Bruce Bochy pulled starting pitcher Madison Bumgarner 89 pitches into his outing Sunday afternoon. The San Francisco Giants ended up defeating the Arizona Diamondbacks 3-2 in the eleventh inning, and Bochy said post-game that he will begin to limit his regular starting pitchers.

Why then, did Bochy decide to pencil in catcher Buster Posey four games after fracturing a finger on his throwing hand? What makes even less sense is that Bochy decided to sit Pablo Sandoval, Brandon Belt and Marco Scutaro, three vital pieces to the Giants lineup. If Sunday was a day off for the Giants’ every-day players anyway, a guy fresh off an injury shouldn’t be rushed back onto the field.

Sure, Posey is a very competitive player and Bochy wanted to give regulars a day off while still fielding the most apt lineup possible, but doesn’t it seem logical to give Posey another day off so he can return with his supporting cast? Throwing him back into a B-team lineup doesn’t seem worth it. Posey, however, did look ready to return — he doubled and singled. But, as I’ve argued many times at the end of this season, absolutely nothing is worth its risk when long-term injuries are at stake.

Bochy is finally beginning to realize that it is time to ease the workload on starting pitchers as this lost season dwindles down. He should adopt the same mindset for starting field players, as well. They can potentially receive a lot of bodily harm on a day-to-day basis and are more vulnerable to injury.

Maybe Posey is back to 100 percent and his fractured finger is no longer as issue. Even then, his innings should deplete over these last few weeks. The Giants don’t need an exhausted and fed-up Buster Posey heading into the offseason.

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