Matt Belisle is on to Something With Comments of Being Too Familiar

By David Miller
Matt Belisle
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Recently Matt Belisle made a few comments about his being knocked around a bit of late. Some have speculated that the Colorado Rockies ultra-reliable relief pitcher is getting fatigued late in the season from getting a lot of work. Both could be valid points but I tend to lean more towards what Belisle is saying being the actual case. Although I am wondering if he knows what to do about it and assuming he does, I wonder how well he can pull that off.

Walt Weiss agreed that his reliever was probably correct as well but the end result remains the same. He is getting knocked around by division opponents mainly because they are too familiar with the scouting report on him. They see him so often that they know his patterns and such as that. With the way scouting reports are now around MLB, there is little doubt that this is a viable reason for struggling. The issue then becomes Belisle being able to change things around.

All pitchers at the MLB level have to deal with this and I feel sure that Belisle has seen it a time or two as well. He simply needs to change his patterns around so that the hitters have no idea what is coming. The famously great pitcher Greg Maddux was a master at mind games with hitters. Few of his pitches were actually unhittable but he kept the batter guessing. No one is asking Belisle to be Maddux but that example is a great one to follow. He is talented enough that when he mixes his patterns up he should get better results. If however, that does not work then he probably is feeling a little fatigue setting in.

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