Should The Arizona Diamondbacks Trade Trevor Cahill This Winter?

By Randy Holt
Trevor Cahill
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

With the Arizona Diamondbacks falling flat on their faces here in the second half of the season, there has been no shortage of blame to go around. Whether it’s the injuries, the bullpen, or the inconsistency at the plate, there’s no doubt players will be moved this winter as the D-Backs try and rebound from this disappointing 2013 campaign.

One player that looks like a sure bet to be on the move from Arizona is starting pitcher Trevor Cahill. While Cahill has been solid at times throughout the two years he’s spent with the Diamondbacks, it ultimately doesn’t add up to keep him around at this point.

Cahill’s numbers this season are as bad as they’ve been since his rookie year back in 2009. His ERA is up over 4.30 for the year, his strikeouts are down, and his walk rate is as high as it’s been in his career. His WHIP is an alarmingly high 1.43 for the season as well.

The knock on Cahill isn’t necessarily due to his performance. He was solid last year, his first year with the club, and pitched to a 3.78 ERA in 32 starts. This year, Cahill has brought plenty of negative, and it starts before he even steps foot on the hill.

There are concerns about his weight. He’s certainly packed on the pounds in his two seasons since joining the Diamondbacks, and there are questions about his work ethic. Those are red flags right there, especially for a team that prides itself on “grit”.

At this point, signs point to the Diamondbacks looking to move the veteran starter. If our hunches about his work ethic, brought on by his weight gain, are at all accurate, he’s not a fit for this team. Add that to some depth in the rotation, and some talented arms coming up through the minor league ranks, and there may not be room for him next season.

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