Can B.J. Rosenberg Compete For The Philadelphia Phillies' Closer Position?

By Rebekah Milsted
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The Philadelphia Phillies have not had the best of luck in the bullpen this season. Everyone would be on the edge of their seats each time a member of the bullpen came in. This certainly is true for closer Jonathan Papelbon, as he has blown seven save opportunities this season. The position of closer could be up for grabs next season, as Papelbon has been anything but reliable. Can B.J. Rosenberg compete for the job?

Rosenberg has been with the Phillies since 2012, but had a rough season that year. He pitched 22 games with a record of 1-2. Rosenberg had an ERA of 6.12, and gave up 17 earned runs and four home runs. It just wasn’t his season, as he seemed to have the nerves as a rookie.

This year, Rosenberg is showing that he deserves a closer look. He has appeared in 14 games this season, has a record of 2-0, and has only given up four earned runs. Rosenberg has not given up a single home run yet, and has shown why he deserves a spot in the Phillies’ bullpen.

I believe Rosenberg he could potentially become a closer. He may not have the experience, as he has only had one save this season, but he has the skills. Rosenberg is only going to be 28 years old a week from today, and so he still has a lot of time to develop and improve the talent he already has.

Rosenberg has given up zero runs in 8.2 innings in the last 10 games he has appeared in, whereas Papelbon has given up two earned runs in his last 10 innings. These two have similar numbers, but Rosenberg seems to be more dependable, and Papelbon is a veteran who is starting to lose his stuff.

Rosenberg deserves a chance, as the Phillies are looking to make changes to their lineup in 2014.

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