Detroit Tigers' Miguel Cabrera Has No Time To Rest

By Brent Smith
Peter Aiken- USA TODAY Sports

A few weeks ago, the biggest problem for the Detroit Tigers was whether to sit Miguel Cabrera or allow him to continue chasing the Triple Crown.

There are a lot more pressing issues involving the team now. The Tigers, who have seen their lead diminish to just 4.5 games over the Cleveland Indians and are sliding faster than an elephant on the Alps, now absolutely need Cabrera on the field to just get them to October.

It has been a difficult past few weeks and with the full-on pressure of a playoff race, there is now no debate about whether they should bench Cabrera for health reasons because there is just no more room for Detroit to be without their best player, even for just a short period of time.

Playing Cabrera turned out mostly poorly for the Tigers because the team’s record really couldn’t have been much worse if he had been on the bench. Cabrera continues to struggle running around the bases, and plays the game resembling a player with much, much less hitting ability.

So now the Tigers are stuck in a must-play mode, and are pretty much hoping that Cabrera will be okay and that they can stop this slide. No more questions, no more concerns, no more time — Miguel Cabrera is going to play and if the Tigers are going to finish off this race in the AL Central, he is going to have to play well.

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