Jean Segura Trying to Accomplish Rare Feat for Milwaukee Brewers

By Michael Terrill
Jean Segura Trying to Accomplish Rare Feat for Milwaukee Brewers
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Batting .300 for an entire season is a very big deal, especially if a person did it while playing for the Milwaukee Brewers. The fact that Robin Yount is the only member of the franchise to ever accomplish the feat at shortstop is not surprising. What also would shock no one is if current shortstop Jean Segura finished the 2013 season with at least a .300 batting average.

Segura is currently fighting through the aches and pains of playing an entire Major League Baseball season. It is understandable why he is beginning to get tired at the finish line. Segura has never played this much baseball in one year in his entire life. With that being said, the possibility of being the second player in Brewers history to hit .300 on the season with an eligible amount of at-bats certainly keeps his motor going.

The 23-year-old understands that if he is going to accomplish one of his numerous goals as a professional baseball player, he cannot overthink it. If he starts pressuring himself to get a certain amount of hits every game then he will find himself in a slump at the plate. Hitting clearly comes natural to him so that is what he must do. It is imperative that he step in the batter’s box with a clear mind and take whatever the pitcher gives him.

“If you’re going to hit .300, you’re going to hit .300,” Segura said, according to “I don’t put pressure on myself to hit .300. I know it’s not easy. It’s tough, especially in this league.

“I definitely want to hit .300, but I just want to finish strong. When you put pressure and you go 0-for-4, 0-for-5, and you see the average go down, you always think too much and you’re going to struggle. So I really don’t think about my numbers.”

Segura is currently batting .301 with 12 home runs, 46 RBI and 40 stolen bases in 555 at-bats this year.

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