Managers Collide As Baltimore Orioles Take On New York Yankees

By Adam Krentz
Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Yankees traveled south to take on the Baltimore Orioles on Monday in what would be a series with huge implications in the American League wildcard race. There was no doubt that the first game would be an exciting one and that the series would only intensify as it played out. As it turned out, it didn’t take long at all for things to escalate in Baltimore, with an altercation occurring after the very first of many innings that would take place over the next few days.

After the first inning of Monday’s game, Orioles’ manager Buck Showalter came out of the Orioles dugout firing accusations in the direction of Joe Girardi which prompted him and his bench coach to exit the dugout and approach Showalter. Separated by umpires, the two managers screamed at each other from a distance over what, at the time, was an unknown reason. One could clearly read Showalter’s lips as he held up his pointer finger and repeatedly said, “that isn’t right, Joe.”

After the benches cleared and the managers had their say, the umpires restored order and evidence surfaced of what set Showalter off. During the bottom of the first with the Orioles batting, Girardi repositioned himself in the Yankees dugout and yelled some things toward Baltimore’s third base coach Bobby Dickerson. It’s not known for sure what Girardi was yelling but it appears he may have been accusing him of stealing signs.

Eventually, all settled down and the game resumed. The Orioles beat the Yankees 4–2, sending New York back to three games down and bumping Baltimore to 1.5 games back on the AL wildcard race. After today’s incident between managers and with the high stakes of each game, the rest of the series will certainly be exciting to watch.

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