Kansas City Royals Rumors: Ervin Santana Has to be Re-Signed

By David Miller
Ervin Santana
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Every time I see Wil Myers do something else awesome for the Tampa Bay Rays, I have to flip over to some footage of the Kansas City Royals starting staff keeping them in the MLB playoff race. There is no question that the move the Royals pulled off to bring in James Sheilds along with the other additions they made to all around pitching staff made them better this year. They are a team that is centered around starting pitching. It makes them good and dangerous. It also should create a standard for them to live up to. That is why they have to spend enough to bring back Ervin Santana.

Santana is already giving it the ole, ‘I’m just focusing on the season’ bit but considering the Royals shopped him around at the MLB trade deadline, who can blame him? The fact of the matter is that Santana is plenty worth whatever he asks for. He is a solid to dominant starter with a ton of years left in his arm. If the Royals are a team based around pitching and plan to continue to be, they need to ensure that Santana returns.

There are other pitchers in their organization of course but that isn’t the kind of team this needs to be. Santana is with them now and he is one of the pitchers they need to be a horse for years to come. They might not have all the money in the world but they should have enough to bring back Santana or at least give him every reason to come back. At this point they should view him as their star to lose and then make sure they don’t lose him.

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