Rookie of the Year Candidate Jose Fernandez’ Personality is Going to Get Him Hurt

By Adam Krentz
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a glorious year for Miami Marlins‘ star rookie pitcher Jose Fernandez and it all culminated on Wednesday night at his final start of the season. Since the Marlins aren’t contenders, their front office decided to shut him down to protect his amazing arm after his day against the Atlanta Braves.

Fernandez is awesome; he’s got a fun personality and shows it out on the mound. That’s one of my biggest peeves with professional baseball, the lack of emotion you’ll see from players these days. I understand why guys want to appear disciplined and avoid getting too riled up, but I’d like to see players wear their heart on their sleeves a little more.

Well, there are apparently some consequences for showing too much emotion in the MLB. Fernandez had shut the Braves down, barring another Evan Gattis bomb, but what’s new, and in the sixth inning he came up for what would likely be his last at-bat of the season. Mike Minor put a fastball right down broadway and Fernandez didn’t miss, he crushed a home run to left field with ease.

Amazed at the flight of the ball, I initially didn’t catch what had happened to upset the Braves’ infield, but Fernandez had stood in the batter’s box for an extended period of time, apparently too much time.

As he rounded third, Chris Johnson had a few choice words and Brian McCann had even more once Fernandez met him at the plate. Benches cleared and tempers flared, something I usually welcome with open arms, but not this time.

I really like Fernandez and I enjoyed the chemistry he had been creating with the Braves, especially Freddie Freeman. Story lines are everything in baseball and there was a happy one developing with them. After this event, I don’t know how the two teams will view each other, or more specifically, how the Braves will view Fernandez.

A heated rivalry with the Washington Nationals is something I’m looking for, not a beef with one of the nicest and most exciting new players in the league. Regardless, now that the 21-year-old’s season is over, I’m sure he’s excited to get out and enjoy Miami. It might be wise for him to offer McCann a beer, because that’s not an enemy you want.

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