What Will The Arizona Diamondbacks Do With Daniel Hudson This Winter?

By Randy Holt
Daniel Hudson
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

With a season as disappointing as the way the 2013 campaign has turned out for the Arizona Diamondbacks, there’s bound to be tough decisions made on a number of players and whether or not they’ll be back next year. Interestingly enough, one player who fits into that group didn’t make a single appearance with the team this year.

The Diamondbacks will be facing a major decision on Daniel Hudson this winter. A pitcher who looked like he had potential to be among the better starters in the National League, Hudson failed to regain the form he had flashed in his first year with the team, and underwent a second Tommy John surgery earlier this season.

It remains to be seen what either side plans to do. Hudson is arbitration eligible, which makes this a very intriguing offseason for him and the Diamondbacks. There are multiple factors at play here that could have an impact on whether or not he’s brought back, though it seems likely that he will.

The main factor is that Hudson isn’t just coming back from Tommy John surgery, he’s coming back from his second. Which means a longer recovery time, and less of a chance that he’ll every truly regain his form. However, that doesn’t mean that the Diamondbacks are not interested in bringing him back.

Kevin Towers has implied that they would be interested, and would like to reach a deal before the arbitration process. There is interest from both sides. However, it’s important to consider whether or not Hudson will even take the hill in 2014, let alone produce for Arizona.

This is going to be a situation to watch for the Diamondbacks heading into the offseason. There will likely be a deal here, as both sides would like it done. What will be interesting to watch, though, is the length of such a deal, in addition to the money involved. That’s always a topic of intrigue, but with Hudson dealing with his current health situation, it becomes that much more tricky for Towers and the front office.

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