New York Yankees Must Re-Sign Robinson Cano

By Adam Fischer
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Robinson Cano has been the only steady asset in the New York Yankees lineup all year. He is top of the line as far as second baseman are concerned, and is one of the foremost players in all of baseball.

His arm is the unsurpassed in the league at his position as the only second baseman who can be running toward short or left field for a ball up the middle, and throw across his body with velocity to make the out at first. Other competitors trying to make that play would either have to stop and turn, or try the patented Derek Jeter jump throw.

Cano makes that play look easy and nonchalant, which no one else in the league can do.

Cano also has the stick to back up his Gold Glove award-winning defense. He leads the Yankees in all major hitting statistics, and is the best pure hitter at his position in the league as well.

Oh, did I mention he is clutch? In the top of the ninth in a tie game against the Baltimore Orioles in a pivotal playoff-determining game, he hit a home run to break the tie, and the Yankees ended up winning, jumping ahead of the Orioles in the Wild Card standings.

So where am I going with this? Pay the man. He is going to be a free agent next year, and will be the most prestigious name on the list of players looking for a job in the offseason. I know that the Yankees are trying to cut payroll to get under the luxury tax, but Cano is simply too integral a piece to be one of those cutbacks.

As of now, Jeter is the face of the franchise, but he has been sidelined for the rest of the year with a balky ankle that has limited him to playing only 17 games for the season. With Mariano Rivera to retire next year, and Jeter’s future uncertain with his health, the Yankees need a star to be the heir to the Bronx crown.

That man has to be Robinson Cano, the next home-grown kid who will keep the Yankees relevant for years to come.


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