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5 Reasons Why Jhonny Peralta Shouldn’t Return To Detroit Tigers

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5 Reasons Why Jhonny Peralta Shouldn't Return To Detroit Tigers

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Word broke earlier this week that the Detroit Tigers were having Jhonny Peralta work out and catch balls in the outfield leading to speculation that the team may be trying to not only put Jhonny Peralta back on the roster but back in a potential starting role in left field. This caused fans to have many different opinions about the future of Jhonny Peralta with the Tigers and leading some to say that the Tigers should welcome him back with open arms when his suspension ends in just under two weeks. That couldn't be more wrong.

There is no doubt the Tigers could use all of the offensive options it can with their offense wheezing their way to the postseason but Jhonny Peralta isn't the option for a multitude of reasons. It's unrealistic to just expect the All-Star Jhonny Peralta after being away from the game for nearly two months never mind the fact that the Tigers really don't need much help up the middle these days and if you thought Delmon Young was a bad outfielder, just wait until you mix the slowness of Jhonny with the inability of catching fly balls.

It's hard for the Tigers to turn down any player that could even have the tiniest chance at helping the team but in this article, I will give you just five of the many reasons why adding Jhonny Peralta onto the Tigers roster will never work. This has nothing to do with holding a grudge for the selfishness of Peralta's actions but is just strictly, from a game perspective, not a decision the Tigers can afford to make. Here's why.

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5. He's Rusty

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If you thought Jhonny Peralta was a streaky player before, just wait until you see him after he hasn't played for two months. To expect Jhonny to plop back in the lineup and be a functioning, beneficially player in the heat of the postseason is way too unrealistic.

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4. He's A Distraction

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Okay, he won't be a level of distraction greater than say Alex Rodriguez. But if you thought Jim Leyland hated the media before, just wait until you see him get asked question after question about Jhonny Peralta. While I love the thought of Jim Leyland attacking reporters, it's not the best thing for a team in contention to have happen.

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3. Omar Infante

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Omar Infante has been quietly putting together one of the most impressive seasons any Tigers player has compiled and he just seems to be getting hotter as the year goes on. No chance anyone but Infante will be playing at second base.

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2. Jose Iglesias

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The Jose Iglesias trade has worked out marvellously for the Tigers. Although he did recently get shin splints, he has looked fine the past few days. He should be good to go for the postseason and there is no way the Tigers would want any other shortstop patrolling than Iglesias.

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1. Nick Castellanos

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This may seem like an odd reason. If they are really trying to teach him the outfield play, it really will hurt the team because Nick Castellanos is getting his first chance at Major League experience. To rob him of any time to grow as a player for a guy who is on his way out would be reckless at best. Nick needs the time and the Tigers need him more to get that time than Peralta.