Freddy Garcia is Proving the Atlanta Braves’ Mastery of Waiver Deals

By David Miller
Freddy Garcia
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Year after year it is the same thing for the Atlanta Braves. While other teams break their backs trying to find the right trade chip to get their team what they need, the Braves swing a few quick waiver wire pickups at the end of August and presto, the team has what it needs. The 2013 season has been no different and Freddy Garcia is proof positive of their mastery of this kind of deal.

Garcia being picked up by the Braves made those skeptical Braves fans who look for reasons to hate Frank Wren salivate. They just loved to bark about how dumb it was to pick up that old guy that can’t pitch anymore. Well, anyone could see clearly he wasn’t able to pitch well anymore. Then there was that game-winning home run he gave up the other day.

Yeah, that’s right he gave up a run then and one other time. Two runs in the four games he has appeared in over the course of 13 plus innings. That is good enough for an ugly and huge 1.32 ERA. Also he got the big win yesterday against the Marlins when the team had to give two starters a day off. Wow, what a terrible deal to go get a veteran to use down the stretch who has only given up two runs and also eats plenty of good innings to save the bullpen. I think those Wren haters will have to stick to the Dan Uggla and B.J. Upton barkings for now.

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