Seattle Mariners Rumors: Eric Wedge is not Problem and Should Return

By David Miller
Eric Wedge
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

No one questions that things have gone badly for the Seattle Mariners this year. Some would question what GM Jack Zduriencik seems to think the problem is however. Rumor has it that Eric Wedge will not be back to manage the Mariners for the 2014 season. Consistently not winning season after season eventually has to point to the manager but if the GM was using his head, he would look in the mirror for the reason nothing has changed with his team.

He has several, maybe even over a dozen veterans on his club that will be free agents at the end of this season. This isn’t exactly the New York Yankees who have deep pockets everywhere so why would he put the franchise in a spot where it has to choose what to do with so many of its better veteran players? They have some good people coming up from the minors but not one to cover all of the free agents that they have developed thanks to the way the GM has managed the franchise.

Who will they re-sign and who will be set free so they have to either sign another free agent that will be on short term basis? It is a terrible spot for anyone to be in, including Wedge. I don’t pretend that he has been the most successful over the course of the last little while but at the same time, the GM might as well keep him. Another rumor suggests that Zduriencik himself is on the way out soon as well. In other words, he won’t easily find a good manager to take the helm when he is on the way out anyway. Bring Wedge back! You owe him that after the hand you dealt him, GM.

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