Survey Names Alex Rodriguez as the Face of Baseball; No Wonder Sport is Declining

By Andrew Fisher
Alex Rodriguez
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Baseball’s popularity has been on a rapid decline over the last decade. It’s to the point where calling it America’s pastime, is just silly. Baseball is no longer America’s game, and it’s not even close. A lot of this can probably be attributed to the numerous steroid scandals that have rocked the sport. The latest performance enhancing fiasco was of course the Biogenesis scandal, which was headlined by Ryan Braun and Alex Rodriguez.

In scary, related news, A-Rod has been voted as the ‘Face of Baseball’ in a recent survey conducted by ESPN’s Jayson Stark. I wish I was kidding, but A-Fraud actually won in a landslide.

Here are the top five players according to the survery:

Alex Rodriguez – 22%
Derek Jeter – 12%
Miguel Cabrera – 9%
Mike Trout – 3%
David Ortiz – 2%

My vote would have been for Cabrera, who is one of the very few bright spots in the struggling sport. He’s a guy that’s never been linked to PEDs and he’s proved himself over the last couple of seasons to be one of the all-time great hitters.

But regardless of my opinion, the survey clearly shows that A-Rod is the face of the sport. Now as with any survery, you have to take it with a grain of salt. People are not well informed and sometimes the most popular name is going to win, simply because that’s who people recognize.

Any fan with half a brain can conclude that Rodriguez is not truly the face of baseball, because that’s usually reserved for a player with class that represents the sport in a positive light. Still, you can make a solid argument that A-Rod is indeed the face of the game based on the attention he gets. For better or worse, people talk about the guy a ton.

Hopefully, the proven liar and cheater’s 2014 season-long suspension is upheld and baseball can start to move away from its darkest cloud.


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