Will Milwaukee Brewers Re-Sign Corey Hart?

By Michael Terrill
Will Milwaukee Brewers Re-Sign Corey Hart
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

It was more or less a known fact back in June that the Milwaukee Brewers were very hesitant regarding the idea of re-signing slugger Corey Hart in the offseason. However, after a revolving door occurred at first base this season, it is clear the Brewers have no choice but to be competitive in free agency and bring Hart back.

How come Milwaukee was not interested in extending Hart’s contract? Well, it is not exactly about want, but rather, if they financially could. Hart is a very talented player on offense, and he has proven to be able to play multiple positions with success on defense. The fact is the Brewers never expected to be able to compete for him in the open market because it was assumed too many teams with money to spend would be after him.

With that being said, Hart’s value has certainly dropped off considering he has two serious knee problems and is not getting any younger. At 31 years old, he is now on the decline in his career. Not to mention, taking an entire year off certainly will not help his performance at the plate.

The nine-year player has completely recovered from the procedure he had on his right knee. All signs point to him being ready for Spring Training in 2014, which means Hart is someone that will definitely be making a difference for some team next season. Whether that team is the Brewers depends on how much he will cost.

After a dismal season that saw more go wrong than right, Milwaukee has to be aware that they cannot take another chance at first base. Hart has proven to be the guy for the job, which means the Brewers must suck it up and pay the man. Hopefully, Hart will not command too much money to stay with the organization. However, if other teams start getting involved Milwaukee could be in trouble.

From the outside looking in, the Brewers look to be a sinking ship with the whole Ryan Braun ordeal. Prince Fielder got out just in time, and one has to imagine that if Hart has a similar opportunity he will take it. On the other hand, he genuinely enjoys Milwaukee. Not to mention, his family does as well. However, at the end of the day it is always about the money. It will come down to how much the Brewers are willing to offer him. It is obvious they need his talents, but Milwaukee is not going to shell out money for another losing season.

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