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5 Reasons Why New York Yankees Won’t Make Playoffs

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New York Yankees Won't Make Playoffs: 5 Reasons Why

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Yankees are two games out of the final Wild Card spot as of today. They have exceeded all expectations this year as some people believed they would be in the dumpster in the AL East, but as it turns out, they are right in the thick of the playoff race. They hold their destiny in their own hands as they still have a three-game set against the Tampa Bay Rays in the second to last series of the year. Those three contests will most likely decide who will play in October.

But even with all the obstacles the Yankees have overcome this year, they’re still two games out, and the team has had some recent setbacks that might cost them a trip to the postseason. With all of the injuries they had to deal with, and all of the replacement players that they had to use, I’m surprised this team is where they are. The mental toughness that the Yanks have shown all year is inspiring. The team has never felt sorry for themselves and never made excuses -- they just scrapped and clawed to where they are now.

However, when they finally seem to be getting healthy, and the whole team is starting to click, the injury bug bites again. There are also long, gritty series that take a toll on a team that is struggling with its health and depth. The Yankees' miracle run could be coming to a close. So many things haven’t gone the Yankees' way this year, and maybe all these negatives have finally caught up to them. Here is a list of five reasons why the Yanks won’t make the playoffs.

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5. Alex Rodriguez's Hamstring

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Alex Rodriguez has a tight hammy and it’s limited him to the DH role. This has caused manager Joe Girardi to play Eduardo Nunez at third base, and his defense there is suspect at best. A-Rod is also hampered on the base paths -- case and point yesterday when he couldn’t score on a two-out double from first in a key situation. It looks like he’s running with a piano on his back.

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4. C.C. Sabathia

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C.C. Sabathia is simply not an ace anymore. His slow start to the season has never heated up, and he’s having the worst year of his career. His ERA is almost five and he is only one game over .500 in the win-loss column. Those numbers coming from what was a no. 1 pitcher doesn’t equate to a playoff berth.

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3. Brett Gardner's Oblique

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Brett Gardner has been one of two Yankees to be penciled into the lineup almost every day this year, and him suffering an oblique strain so late in the year is devastating. The Yankees will sorely miss him leading off and his ability to create his own runs. He’s also one of the best center fielders in the league, and his defense is irreplaceable as well.

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2. The Boston Red Sox

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The Yankees have lost four of five to the Boston Red Sox and not only were they losses, but they were devastating, close-game and blown-lead losses, all coming in the heat of the playoff race.

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1. The Yankees Bullpen

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The past two series have been four-game series against the Boston Red Sox and the Baltimore Orioles. Both of those series were grind-them-out series, and not only did the bullpen get taxed, but they blew leads and suffered some wear and tear injuries.