Greg Holland: Mr. Clutch For Kansas City Royals

By John Raffel
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

If the Kansas City Royals are able to sneak into the MLB Wild Card playoffs, plenty of credit should be given to reliever Greg Holland. It’s not that he hasn’t received a lot of accolades already. But with his 43 saves this season, Holland has been getting the job done.

It might not happen since the Royals have to play some catch-up to other American League teams and only have 12 games remaining.

Regardless, Holland has gotten job done for the Royals who, at 79-71, appear to be ready to at least have a winning record, if not also earn a playoff spot.

Holland has had a hand in 43 of those wins. Take his presence away from the mound and it’s hard to believe the Royals would be able to come up with anyone able to secure that many victories this season. His 1.33 ERA s significantly lower from 2.96 last season when he had 16 saves out of 20 opportunities. He’s also had three missed saves this season, but has had 46 chances. He’s been thriving under the pressure and that’s why the Royals still have a shot at the postseason.

For the rest of the season, the key for the Royals to keep winning and have a chance for the playoffs is simple: have a lead and put Holland on the mound the ninth inning. He’s had terrific command of his pitches. In his first 61 innings of work this season, he’s had 93 strikeouts and only 14 walks. His walks-allowed has come down dramatically this year.

Once the Royals have the lead and Holland is in the game, the opposition has hardly a chance to beat him.


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