St Louis Cardinals Fans Need Mike Shannon Back For Playoffs

By Sara Lefebvre
Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

St. Louis Cardinals broadcaster Mike Shannon and Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin may seem to have only their St. Louis roots in common, but as Shannon is recovering from heart surgery, he may have Maclin on his mind. Both are injured in a contract year.

Maclin tore his ACL early in training camp and is out for remaining year of his contract. Shannon is also in the final year of his current contract with the Cardinals. The Eagles had a great win in their first game over the Washington Redskins, and may have a fine year without Maclin, but the Cardinals’ broadcast booth is struggling without Shannon.

Shannon, who is in his 43rd year with the Cardinals and has cut down on some of his road trips, missed some scheduled broadcasts in the middle of August. He had surgery to replace a heart valve on August 21. This week, his partner in the booth John Rooney has reported that Shannon is recovering well and hopes to return by September 23. It can’t be soon enough for many Cardinals fans.

Former Cardinal pitchers Rick Horton and Al Hrabosky have tag-teamed filling in for Shannon. They played the game and know a lot about baseball, but their prior and current broadcast experience is mostly for TV.

At times, they seem to forget that the listeners can’t see what’s going on and will tell long stories that distract from the play-by-play action, leaving the listener wondering what exactly is going on. Hrabosky is by far the guiltier party in this.

I can put up with Horton and Hrabosky for now, but as the Cardinals push toward the postseason, they need Shannon back in the booth. That means both for this year and for however long Shannon is able and wants to continue.

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