Houston Astros Will Have a Say in 2013 MLB Postseason Teams

By David Miller
Houston Astros Jose Altuve
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Things have gone pretty well for the Houston Astros in September. The overall worst team in Major League Baseball, as far as records are concerned, is playing above .500 baseball for the first time all season. Well technically they were 1 – 0 in March because of the first Sunday night game of the year, but the best month since then was June at a .444 winning percentage. September finds them with 7 wins and 6 losses with a couple of thunderous weeks to go.

What is so special about the Astros final couple of weeks? Literally every single team they play from here on out is a playoff contender with something big to gain by beating them or something big to lose by losing to them. They will even face the Cincinnati Reds, thereby having a hand in who wins the National League Central which is their former division.

From there they play the Cleveland Indians, Texas Rangers and New York Yankees over the final weeks of the year. The Indians are dead ahead and charging for a solid wildcard spot while the Rangers are on their way out of the race as quickly as they can lose games. The Yankees are back a bit now but could be in serious contention by the final series of the season when they face the Astros.

It is funny how things worked out this year as the Astros can have the worst record in the game while having their best month of the season. At the same time then they get to play every game with a team that desperately wants to sweep them from here on out. What an interest way to end the season as they head into what should be a better 2014.

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