Minnesota Twins Rumors: Justin Morneau Not Likely to Return to Twins

By David Miller
Justin Morneau
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

From the beginning of the trade rumors that surrounded Justin Morneau’s season with the Minnesota Twins in 2013, he repeatedly stated that he wanted to remain with the Twins. Most of the fans seem to still like Morneau and according to what the GM said recently, they are still interested in re-signing Morneau after he finishes the season with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Considering he never wanted to leave, what are the chances that Morneau could actually return to play for the Twins?

Let us look at this from a few different angles. First of all, though he enjoyed his time in a Twins uniform, I doubt Morneau rather enjoyed the constant and annual trade rumors that attacked him literally every single season. Nothing is changing that fast for the Twins franchise so you can bet if he re-signed there would be more of that.

Next we have to understand that for the first time in his MLB career, Morneau is getting a taste of what it is like to play for a playoff team. The pennant race and wildcard races are surely something invigorating to him and we must believe that he likes playing for a team that has at least a chance to win the World Series. He wouldn’t get that from the Twins for a while if ever.

Last of all is the money issue. One of the reasons the Twins traded Morneau was that they didn’t think their offer was going to be enough for him to re-sign with them. He didn’t trade himself after all; it was them who sent him packing. I don’t think money is going to be a gigantic issue with Morneau but it will be at least a minor one if he wants to re-sign with the Twins. All in all, I don’t think Morneau will be heading back to play for the Twins right now though it might happen down the line as his career draws to a close.

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