Washington Nationals Will Be Dangerous If They Sneak Into Postseason

By Randy Holt
Jayson Werth
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

As we head into the final two weeks of the regular season, it still remains unlikely that the Washington Nationals will make it in to join the postseason party. They’re 5.5 games back of the Wild Card in the National League, meaning they’re going to need to continue this torrid run they’ve been on recently, and need a bit of help from the other Wild Card contenders.

If the Nationals are able to pull this off, it would be an incredible comeback off of what has been an extremely disappointing season for a club that was expected to be a top contender. While they’d be sneaking into the playoffs as the NL’s final team, the Nats could actually be one of the more dangerous teams in the postseason.

The Nationals have received outstanding production from their offense of late. Since making a chance on their coaching staff, the Nationals have been an offense powerhouse in the NL. They’re hitting well as a lineup, while getting fantastic production from individual players in their lineup.

Those players include the likes of Jayson Werth, who has been on an absolute tear, and Ryan ZimmermanWilson Ramos has been a steady source of run production as well. From top to bottom, they’re hitting the ball hard, and it’s led them to this recent stretch in which they’ve won 22 of 31.

When you combine the offense with the pitching that this team has on paper, there’s no reason to think that the Nats couldn’t make some noise if they’re able to reach the postseason. In fact, with this recent stretch, they’d be just as large a threat as anyone in the National League.

Of course, this is all assuming the Nationals are actually able to pull this off. They still have a ways to go, and as brilliant as their offense has been, they still need their pitching to step up in a big way. They’re going to have to piece together another incredible two weeks just to even have a shot at being a threat in the postseason.

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