Atlanta Braves' Fredi Gonzalez Had Better Bench Dan Uggla for Good

By Adam Krentz
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Dan Uggla has been garbage all season, and it’s time the Atlanta Braves make a more definitive decision on what to do with him in the postseason. He has gotten progressively worse over the last few seasons and he used up his last excuse in August when he left the team for LASIK surgery in hopes that fixing his vision would create better success in the batter’s box.

Uggla has a horrendous .180 batting average this season, which had only worsened since his return from surgery. In 46 plate appearances since his return, he has merely four hits, although he does walk a good amount with a .326 on-base percentage. Regardless, his production is garbage, especially for the $13 million he makes a year.

Maybe Billy Beane would sign him for a fraction of that, but with the numbers he’s putting up this year, Uggla would be lucky to start on any roster at this point.

No matter what, the Braves are stuck with him and we know that he is capable of producing, at least he used to be, so what should the Braves do with him for the rest of September and in the playoffs?

Fredi Gonzalez has been giving Uggla spot starts here and there, hoping some time on the bench can get him out of his funk, something that’s worked in the past though never for a sustained amount of time. I can only predict that Uggla will continue to sit out most games from here on out, I think it’s safe to say that him and B.J. Upton have lost their privileges as guaranteed starters.

Benching Uggla in his first “real” postseason may be tough, and it will definitely be one of the lowest moments of his career, but if you consider his performance, he only has himself to blame. The player who gives the Braves the best chance to win needs to start, and that person is not Dan Uggla.

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