Cincinnati Reds: Homer Bailey Can't Be Stopped

By Coop Ledford
Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati Reds‘ starting pitcher Homer Bailey started the year with a mediocre 5-10 record, but since then he has picked up six wins and no losses, pushing him above the .500 mark, as he is 11-10 this season.

If you have ever looked at Homer Bailey, you’ve probably noticed that he looks a lot like Batman. In fact, people have called him Batman, and fans have made tee shirts and signs about him looking like Batman. As far as I know, Batman never played Major League Baseball, but if he did, he’d probably pitch like Homer Bailey.

Of course Homer Bailey is best known for his two no-hitters, and he has no-hitter stuff working for him seemingly every night. Homer has had six straight quality starts, and he has not surrendered more than five runs since June 15. But the most impressive statistic is that he has not lost a start since July 26.

Homer Bailey is on fire right now; he can’t be stopped, and everything seems to be working for him. He has been able to control his pitches and remain calm throughout the entirety of ball games. In his first few seasons in MLB, Homer would panic when he was in a jam. He struggled to work his way out of sticky situations, but this year he keeps his cool and pitches his way out things. That’s something a true ace can do.

I’m by no means saying that Homer Bailey (Batman) is the best pitcher the Reds have; he’s not, but right now he is having a ton of success for the Reds. He will be a very important part of the Reds’ team in the playoffs.

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