Joe Saunders Keeps Consistency in Decent Season for Seattle Mariners

By David Miller
Joe Saunders
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

If you ran a Major League Baseball team and I were to tell you that I had a guy that you could pencil in for 180 to 200 innings per year that would give you double-digit wins, keep you in most games he pitches and it would cost you less than 7 million dollars, I bet you would grab him. Seattle Mariners starting pitcher Joe Saunders is just such a guy. He doesn’t make the most on the team nor will he be the best starter on the team. What he will do is go out and give your team a decent chance to win. That should be worth something in MLB.

It was worth something last year to the Baltimore Orioles and this year to the Mariners. There is no guarantee the Mariners will make any good decision this off-season so they very well may let him go. If they do, he’ll likely take a while to be signed but someone will sign him. He is only 32 years old and though he isn’t the best pitcher on the team he might be one of the toughest battlers on the team.

His ERA and WHIP were up this year but normally are just around the 4 mark for ERA and 1.3 or so WHIP. He won’t win any awards but he did win 11 games this season. He also lost 14 but he played for a team that wasn’t too great. Whatever issues he has, they will be worth fixing for whoever signs him because he doesn’t cost 12 million bucks. I think the Mariners will be in a perfect spot to need someone like Saunders but if they pass on him, someone will take him. I guarantee it.

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