Alcides Escobar Doing His Part to Help Kansas City Royals’ Chances

By David Miller
Alcides Escobar
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

One of the great things about the last month and last few weeks of the Major League Baseball season is that a great couple of weeks seemingly has the ability to wash away an otherwise mediocre season. That is the chance that Kansas City Royals infielder Alcides Escobar is making the most of. That was never more evident during the Royals win over the Cleveland Indians on Wednesday.

Escobar had two hits with one run scored and two RBI in the game but the incredibly heads-up move he made to get out of a run-down and score the Royals’ fourth run was the biggest thing he did. It showed what his numbers show of late, that he is doing his part to help the Royals make the most of what chance they have at the postseason, however small that may be.

Over his last ten games Escobar is batting over .300 where his average for the year doesn’t touch .240. It could be argued that if he and others in the line-up hadn’t of played poorly over the season that the Royals would be more in the hunt than they are but that stuff won’t matter until we know if they gain that wildcard spot or not.

If they don’t then the second guessing can begin but until then Escobar is a model of exactly what all of the players in the Royals line-up should be doing day in and day out. The Indians are in a good spot and do not have to run the table to get a spot but the Royals almost need to run the table to give themselves their best chance. Play like Escobar’s of late can give them that.

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