Detroit Tigers Must Catch Oakland Athletics

By Brent Smith
Rick Osentoski- USA TODAY Sports

There was a time a month ago where Detroit Tigers fans were thinking that their team was going to have home field advantage throughout the postseason. However, they may not even have it in the first round. The Tigers have very limited chances of catching the Boston Red Sox, and now find themselves a game behind of the Oakland Athletics, who came in to Detroit two weeks ago and embarrassed the Tigers for most of the four game series. If the Tigers find themselves on a plane to Oakland on Sept. 30, they will have no one to blame but themselves.

You could argue that home field isn’t as important in baseball as it seems to be in other sports. I mean, home field is not something the Tigers are used to anyway, only having it one time in their last eight playoff series. It’s also not like it has hindered them, as they have won five of those seven playoff series as the team without home field advantage, and losing the one time they hosted in the 2006 World Series. However, those stats, while comforting if the Tigers should fail at catching the A’s, really shouldn’t be relied upon to not desperately root for the Tigers to catch them. Last year, many could argue that if the A’s had hosted the first two games like they should have, if not for a scheduling glitch,they would have won the series that went the full five games last year. The A’s have been a tough matchup for the Tigers and they desperately need every advantage possible.

Talent has a way of negating certain factors like home field and luck, but can it overcome all of the magic the A’s have found while playing at the coliseum? Do the Tigers really want to test their luck twice, having to go to Oakland in a Game 5 setting, especially since they can’t count on Justin Verlander to pull them through like he did last year? There was no reason, except for a huge slump, as to why the Tigers should have lost home field, and it is up to them to play these last 11 games with as much intensity as if their playoff lives were on the line. The Tigers can’t waste any chance to get an advantage on the magical Oakland A’s.

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