Miami Marlins Should Try to Build Team of Jose Fernandez Personalities

By David Miller
Jose Fernandez
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Right from the start you should know that I am a huge fan of Jose Fernandez of the Miami Marlins. That isn’t to say that I am a homer for the team or anything of the sort but it seems to me Fernandez is the absolute perfect player for this team and the city. On that note, the Marlins should make it their organizational goal to scout and draw players with Fernandez similarities to their franchise immediately and they should not stop.

For that matter Yasiel Puig was available once upon a time for everyone to scout and the Marlins didn’t really go for him. He is the exact same type of player that Fernandez is including the not minor fact that he is Cuban. That matters a ton in the city of Miami and if you don’t believe me just check the attendance statistics for the Marlins with and without Fernandez on the mound. Imagine if they had a few players that were Cuban born and on fire like Fernandez is.

Of course they would not have to be any specific nationality necessarily, it just is a plus in that city. For the baseball team itself, the energy and effort that Fernandez brings is second to none in the entire game. The guy is a huge teammate and really wants to win. He doesn’t only want to win when he is on the mound but every single day he comes to the ballpark. Think of how energizing a player like him would be on a daily basis.

If you have problems visualizing, once again just glance at Puig. Without a doubt it is much easier said than done to clone Fernandez with those like him and put nine of him out there every day. It is not impossible to focus scouting in that area of the world and make it a point to create an attractive and home-like atmosphere to be able to sign great future MLB players like Fernandez.

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