Pittsburgh Pirates: Andrew McCutchen Will Win NL Batting Title

By Zach Morrison
Andrew McCutchen
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Another day, another Andrew McCutchen award article. Sorry folks, but McCutchen is great and he will a ton of awards before his career is over. Get used to reading about him — he’s not going anywhere.

The center fielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates has already won a NL Gold Glove award and a Silver Slugger award. He’s on the verge of winning his first of many NL MVP awards. What hasn’t he done yet? He hasn’t won a NL batting title. That will change soon.

McCutchen’s .324 batting average is third in the NL behind just Chris Johnson of the Atlanta Braves and Michael Cuddyer of the Colorado Rockies. Johnson leads with a .330 average and Cuddyer is just behind with a .329 average. The difference between McCutchen, Johnson and Cuddyer is that only one of them is playing for a division title at this point.

The Braves have already wrapped up their division title and the Rockies won’t be playing in the postseason. McCutchen is motivated to take his Pirates to the postseason, and he doesn’t want to settle for the Wild Card game.

Now that the Pirates have acquired Justin Morneau and Marlon Byrd, McCutchen finally has some protection in the lineup. Pitchers now have to give the Pirates’ star center fielder some pitches to hit, and he has been taking advantage of that lately. He has made up a lot of ground since August in the batting race, and he will continue to climb the ladder going down the final stretch to take the batting title for good.

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